Lee-Ann checking prints before shipping 


We have a fantastic range of cotton rag art papers and acid/lignin free papers for you to choose from. Cotton based art papers  can be printed with any imagery….watercolour reproductions on watercolour paper…… they look just like the original. Photographs that look like paintings, kids’ art for the relatives so you can keep the original…

Limited Edition prints without printing hundreds…

  • Whatever quantity you require we can print to order with a quality to match traditional printing methods, and they can be reordered at any time.
  • Photography that looks like a painting…
  • Photographs take on a unique look on art papers, because they have a different paper surface they really do look like paintings.

We have been printing art papers for several years now and have a sourced a variety of papers  with a price range to give you options.  From Certified Archival to Acid &Lignen free, and low end poster paper when budgets require options.

If you have different sized prints we can paste them onto a sheet to make the most cost-effective layout, just let us know your requirements and we will give you the best value for your money.  Our largest size is a maximum of 1100mm x up to 2000mm. 

Optica One Rag (now by Breathing Color)

308gsm, Brilliant white, 100% rag content, smooth surface.

Artists…this paper is truly amazing…

The most popular paper of choice for both photographic reproduction and art printing. We have taken work for artists to be framed and they have asked if they were originals, they couldn't tell the difference.  This rag paper is museum quality archival and has been independently tested and approved by the Fine Art Trade Guild. 

Photo Rag Satin (by Hanemuehle)

308gsm, Bright white, 100% rag content, smooth surface but with a satin finish when printed

The addition of a satin finish gives a beautiful subtle glow to the final work.  If you are an artist working in bright colors and want that extra lustre this is a great choice of paper. 

Elegance Velvet (by Breathing Color)

290 gsm, 100% rag content, textured matte finish

A very versatile paper for a range of different art work.  Popular and well liked by those who have used it.  Especially nice when a lot of the paper is visble. 

William Turner (by Hahnemuehle)

290 gsm, 100% rag content, Watercolour paper

This paper has the same texture and look as the real watercolour paper that artists paint watercolour’s with.  Gives superb and realistic reproductions of watercolour paintings. 

Bamboo Paper (by Hahnemuehle)

Sheet paper sized at 17×22”.

This paper is warm in tone and brilliant for pencil, pen and ink etchings and for black and white art or photography.  Larger sizes available with volume. 

600M (by Breathing Color)

A great option for cost effective high volume printing of your artwork at lower cost for both art and photography.

This 300g, bright white, cotton rag-based water-resistant textured matte paper is acid free and lignin free. It is a 50% cotton blend and was specifically developed to be a lower cost alternative to 100% cotton rag fine art papers. It delivers remarkable print quality characteristic of all Breathing Color products.  600MT has a luxurious cold-pressed textured surface designed to maximize resistance to scuffing and flaking.

Vibrance Matte (by Epson)

A good quality poster paper for when you need the cheaper print but still want to maintain a high quality for money.