Artist Rachel Olsen with her  reproduction by Tawa Imaging

How do you send us your artwork for printing? There are a few things we’d love to share with you so we can get your work done with a minimum of fuss, and you get what you need.


Photographing your Artwork

If you are serious about your artwork you really need to consider getting a professional to photograph your work. We can’t emphasize this enough. It’s the key to getting the very best art reproduction possible. Once you have that high quality digital file in your possession you have preserved the work for the future. You will no longer be kicking yourself once the original is gone. Think about the hours or even months of work you have put in to a piece. It is a worthwhile investment.

Digital cameras have come a long way and will continue to improve but they will not give you the accuracy that a professional can.   Art Reproduction requires the best possible digital file to give you the best result.  If you are struggling to find someone to help you with this let us know as we may know someone in your area.  We can do the digital files for you however we prefer you find someone local so you don’t have to ship your art.

When sending digital files, you can use (just send us a public link so we can download) or you can attach your files (under 20mb) to your email. 


Files can be emailed directly if they are jpeg and no larger than 20MB when compressed.  If they are psd, pdf, or tiff files of a larger size please consider using a facility like Dropbox or Yousendit.

Alternatively they can be mailed on a cd or dvd.  Please make sure you keep a copy before sending.

Address for mailing:  243e Mountain Road, RD2, Maungaturoto 0587. 

Test Print

We are happy to supply our customers with a test print prior to starting a job if requested.  If you have concerns on how your work may look we suggest using this service.  It will however make completion dates longer.

Colour Matching

A sample must be supplied at time of ordering if you require colour matching.

If we are reproducing prints from original artworks we will discuss this with you further before starting.  We have a sheet of instructions to help guide you through the process which we will email to you.


Work sent to us is deemed to be ‘owned’ by the sender in terms of Copyright.  Any breach of Copyright will be the responsibility of person/s requesting the work to be printed.  We never print work for anyone but the owner of the file.