Sante Cronje English viewing her prints at one of her exhibitions 


We have good quality photographic paper stocks and some more unusual options.

Satin finish has a low sheen and produces beautiful photographic enlargements.  A great all-purpose photographic paper for both professional photography use or fun photography.  Gloss and Metallic are also available.

Large format digital printing technology has improved a great deal in recent years and photographic papers for use with pigment ink printing are producing results as good as R4 processing.

Our largest print size is 60 cm x 200 cm in length.

If you have more than one print we can often paste up a sheet to reduce the wastage when printing multiples.


We use 8 colour advanced printing technology with ultrachrome pigment based inks to produce sharp and vibrant images.

When choosing any media we consider

  • Definition – how sharp is the image
  • Colour Saturation – are the colours as accurate as possible
  • Durability – how resistant to handling are they
  • Longevity – how long will the image last
  • Manufacturer independent testing is also a valuable source of information.
Our staff have over twenty years experience in photographic printing, and work to produce the very best possible colour and print quality for your images

 All our Breathing Color Stock is Blue Wool Tested and an Archival Certificate can be supplied upon request.

ABOUT THE BLUE WOOL TEST                                   

The Fine Art Trade Guild  (FATG) is an international organization with members in over 36 countries worldwide, and in order to p

rotect the interests of consumers. FATG has established a specific set of standards so that consumers can be confident that the art and framing supplies they use are archival.  These standards are governed under Blue Wool Testing.

Key Requirements of the Blue Wool Test

  • Lightfastness of finished print – results of 6 or more on the Blue Wool Scale in all areas of the print – or its equivalent under empirical test conditions.
  • Guild standard PH for substrate of 7-9, amended September 2002 to PH 7-10.
  • Minimum weight of substrate 250 gsm.

Blue Wool Testing Standards

  • Standards for blue wool testing are defined by:  ASTM D5383-97
Standard practice for Visual Determination of the Lightfastness of Art Materials by Art Technologists Results Blue Wool 6 + 100 years display life.


Blue Wool Scale

Measures and calibrates the permanence of prints.  Two identical test prints are created.  A calibrated blue wool test strip is masked (1/2).  The strip and one test print are placed under xenon lamps in accordance with the test standards.  The other print is stored in the dark as a control.  At various times, the test print is compared to the control print.  When visible fading is evident the wool test strip is examined.  The amount of fading is then measured by comparison to the original color and a rating between 0 and 8 is awarded.  Zero denotes extremely poor colour fastness while and eight rating is deemed not to have altered from the original and thus credited as being lightfast and permanent.  Blue Wool 6 is the accepted standard for limited edition prints.